What started out as a business has thrived, through many years to become what it is today. La Sen Vietnamese Grill has become more than just a restaurant business. Our restaurant has diversity, not just in our food, but in our staff. We believe what’s important is our diversity to come together as a family to share our creative cooking styles and restaurant ideas.


In almost every culture, food is a great aspect of living. Each family has their own recipes and their own ways of creating what is being served on their dinner tables everyday. The different aromas of each household makes it incredibly special. Vietnamese food does not just originate from one specific area of Vietnam. There are aromas from Da Nang, Hue, big cities like Ho Chi Minh City, and from many other areas.


Our staff comes from different parts of Vietnam, and that is why our menu is based on a variety of aromas. Our goal is to introduce our past, present, and future customers to a world of Vietnamese inspired cuisine.