House Specialties

House Specialties

Mì xào giòn đồ biển – Seafood Bird”s Nest
stir-fried tiger prawns, calamari, mushrooms and garden vegetables tossed in rice wine and oyster sauce, served on a nest of crispy eggs noodles
Gà chiên giòn – Drunken Crispy Chicken
overnight michiu rice wine-marinated chicken tossed in tangy caramelized soy sauce glaze, served over jasmine rice
Bò lúc lắc – Lúc Lắc Beef
cubed filet mignon marinated in rice wine, tossed in butter and red onions with mixed greens, served with jasmine rice
Gà xả ớt – Lemongrass Chili Chicken
tender chicken breast slices stir-fried with lemongrass, chili and onion, tossed in rice wine and garlic oyster sauce, served with jasmine rice
Cá kho tộ – Catfish Clay Pot
braised catfish in caramelized shallot soy sauce with onions and garlic, served with jasmine rice
Cá kho gừng – Ginger Chicken Clay Pot
braised chicken in caramelized shallot soy sauce with fresh ginger, served with jasmine rice
Chạo tôm – Sugar-cane Shrimp
ground shrimp patty wrapped around sugar cane, served with lettuce, mixed greens and vermicelli rice noodles
Bánh xèo – Crispy Vietnamese Crepe
savory crepe stuffed with shrimp, beansprouts, jicama and mushrooms, served with fresh lettuce, and dipping sauce
Cà ri nước cốt dừa – Coconut Curry
brocoli, carrots, onions and sweet potatoes in a mildly spicy Vietnamese curry sauce served with jasmine rice
choose from:
– chicken – shrimp – tofu
Cá salmon ướp xã – Lemongrass Crusted Salmon
pan-seared fresh salmon served with mango salad and ginger fish sauce, served with jasmine rice
Mì xào – Wokked Soba Noodle
garden vegetables, shredded tofu and soba noodles tossed in a wok with tangy pineapple soy sauce
substitute with: chicken or shrimp
Bún mắm – Vietnamese Seafood Gumbo
fish paste seafood soup that originated in the Mekong Delta, brimming with eggplant, shrimp, squid and fish filet
Hủ tiếu Nam Vang – Pnom Phenh Soup
deep, umami-filled broth made of pork bones and dried shrimp, topped with slice bbq pork, tiger prawn, sauteed ground pork, fried garlic and caramelized shallot


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