Party Platters


Fresh salad rolls served with peanut sauce choice of:
shrimp, chicken, coconut, sauteed tofu, combination
fried crispy spring rolls with shrimp and pork 23.90
crispy vegetarian spring rolls with tofu and vegetarian sauce 23.90
coconut butter flied shrimp with sweet chili sauce 31.50
grilled honey glazed chicken skewers 28.00
lemongrass steak skewers 29.90
garlic glazed pork loin skewers 28.90
cabbage salad with grilled chicken with dressing sauce 24.50
green papaya salad with grilled tiger prawn and rau ram 25.90
 fresh mango salad with grilled tiger prawn and thai basil  25.90
 lemongrass chili chicken with rice wine and green lettuce 30.50
luc lac beef with michiu wine and organic spring mix 41.90
drunken crispy chicken with caramelized soy and broccoli 30.90
 chicken curry with garden vegetables in yellow curry 30.90
shrimp curry with garden vegetables in yellow curry 32.90
lemongrass chili tofu with organic spring mix 27.50
worked  green bean and tofu with black bean garlic sauce 27.90
sauteed tofu with shiitake mushroom and onions 24.90
steamed or stir-fried fresh garden vegetables 19.90
sides and choice of:
jasmine rice, brown rice, vermicelli noodle
 each flatter contains 8-10 servings
all food is served in aluminum half-pan size
please call by 5 pm for a next-day order, subject to availability


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